Ashraya Hospital Pune

“Quality of Affordable Healthcare”

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Emergency Services

Ashraya Multispeciality Hospital is the best emergency care hospital offering ambulance services all over Pune.

Qualified Doctors

Our team of dedicated doctors is highly qualified and committed to providing a pleasing environment to ensure quality in medical care.

24/7 Support

24-hour emergency hospital doctors for rapid emergency response for all hospital situations and all medical facilities.

Online Appointment

Book your appointment online with the Ashraya Multispeciality Hospital doctors. Get the best medical consultation & treatment with the best doctors.


    Ashraya hospital is one of the finest multi-speciality hospital in Pune. It is being touching the life’s of patients and families to cure and provide them with a better and healthier life since last 10 years.


    Everyone in the world has the right to live a happier and healthier life. Ashraya hospital be the “Ashraya’ shelter for the ones with any kind of health problems to cure them with the finest healthcare services under the  best paramedical team.


    “Quality of Affordable Healthcare” Hospital was been established with a mission to provide the best quality of healthcare services with the access of the most advanced tech at an affordable clinical care.

    Facilities Available at Ashraya Hospital

    • Total 35 bed capacity
    • 24 x 7 Emergency services
    • 24 x 7 ICU services
    • General ward
    • Semi-private Room
    • Private Room (AC/Non-AC)
    • Ambulance Services 24 x 7
    • Pathology
    • Radiology
    • All major & Supra-major surgeries
    • Dedicated Pulmonology (Respiratory)
    • Sleep Apnea
    • Allergy Test Sleep Test
    • Ashraya Hospital also provide all kind of cashless facilities.

    Easy Appointments

    Ambulance Service

    Care management

    Front-facing view of Ashraya Hospital


    Contact us +91-8007438080