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Dr. Mohan K.T., a chest specialist in Pune, is also known as a lung specialist or pulmonologist. Dr. Mohan K.T. is responsible for diagnosing and treating problems related to the lungs, respiratory system, and chest area.

Dr. Mohan K.T., a chest specialist, is a medical practitioner who has earned a degree in diagnosing and treating chest and lung-related problems. He is equipped to diagnose the problem by observing the symptoms and conducting some tests. Sometimes, interventional tests are also conducted Dr. Mohan K.T. also treats problems like asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, pneumonia, emphysema, pleural diseases, Sleep Apnea Treatment, pulmonary embolism, etc.

Apart from the diseases and disorders mentioned above, Dr. Mohan K.T. specializes in treating several severe conditions that affect the lungs, including diffuse pulmonary illness (DPILD).

Chest Physician in Wakad

Immediate tests:

Heart Activity Check ECG or EKG: This swift test evaluates the heart’s electrical activity. Any irregularities might indicate a current or past heart attack as an injured heart muscle disrupts the usual electrical signals.

  • Blood tests: Assessing specific proteins or enzymes in the blood helps identify heart muscle issues.
  • Chest X-ray: This X-ray provides insights into lung condition and details about the heart’s size and blood vessels.
  • CT scan: Useful for detecting issues like a pulmonary embolism or aortic dissection
  • Spo2 monitoring: Monitoring oxygen levels helps understand the patient’s risk of hypoxia.

To understand the oxygen level of the patient for hypoxia. Dr. Mohan K.T is the Best Chest Physician in Pune.

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  • Comprising Pulmonary Consultation
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