The diabetic bladder, a troublesome after-effect of diabetes
Among various complications of diabetes, a diabetic bladder is quite an irritating one. It can trouble in many ways. Sometimes you can’t urinate when there is a strong urge. Sometimes, you have to go to the restroom again and again. Sometimes, both symptoms occur intermittently. You fed up with the problem and fix an appointment with USA Trained Dialectologist Dr. Mohan K.T. he diagnoses it as a diabetic bladder and gives treatment to correct the problem. It is one of the most common side-effects of Diabetes and may lead to renal infections. In some cases, the uncontrolled diabetic bladder may lead to renal failure.

What is it required to consult a Diabetes specialist in Pune immediately?

Scientific research discovers that the problem occurs due to underactive or overactive detrusor muscles (muscles that control the flow of urine). Hence, either the bladder doesn’t become empty, or it triggers the sensation of urination even when the bladder is not full. Both situations are inconvenient, and there is a high probability of urinary tract infection as well.

A healthy bladder triggers the ‘full’ sensation when 300cc urine accumulates. However, in the case of diabetic bladder, it may not send the trigger even after it goes up to 600cc or more. Over time, it becomes difficult to urinate. It is an emergency that needs immediate consultation from a USA Trained Dialectologist.

If you’re dealing with diabetic conditions, then you should consult diabetic specialist in pune

What are the techniques for preventing diabetic bladder?

Ask an expert Diabetes specialist in Pune about it, and you will be amazed to know that there are quite a few easy and practical tricks! Here are just a few:

  • say that you go to the urinal frequently even if you do not feel the urge. You keep the bladder stretch free and avoid many problems. Drink plenty of water (six to eight glasses as per the standard recommendation). Sometimes people restrict the quantity of water to control the frequency of urination. However, it has an adverse impact.
  • Eat more fibers so that you not only keep the blood sugar under control but keep the digestive system in order. Constipation puts pressure on the bladder, and you feel difficulty in urinating. Use laxatives only when they are inevitable.
  • Urine infections are quite common among diabetic patients. Any signs of cloudy or bloody urine need to report immediately. Burning sensation and fever are other common symptoms. A Diabetes specialist in Pune looks at the symptoms and prescribes treatment after a few diagnostic tests.
  • Avoid spicy foods, citrus fruits, and caffeine if you have an overactive bladder. A USA Trained Dialectologist may prescribe drugs that give strength to detrusor muscles and open urinary sphincter.
  • Keep a great control of the glucose level. Since a majority of the problems are caused by uncontrolled sugar, causing the damage to your nerves, it always advises to keep it to the minimum levels.

A healthy lifestyle avoids it considerably. Daily exercise, walk, and strict diet control are the best measures to keep the problem under control.

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