Dr.Vishnukant Jadhav

General Physician and Asthma, Allergy Specialist in Pune


Dr. Vishnukant Jadhav

Managing Director – Ashraya Multispecialty Hospital, Wakad, PuneAffiliation – Ashraya Rehabilitation & Geriatric Care Centre

Looking for a general physician or respiratory specialist near you?

Dr. Vishnukant Jadhav, managing director of Ashraya Multispecialty Hospital and Ashraya Rehabilitation & Geriatric Care Centre, is a highly skilled practitioner offering comprehensive medical care. He specializes in treating respiratory conditions like asthma, allergies, COPD, sleep apnea, and chronic cough.


  • BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery) University: Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS), Nashik
  • MRT (Master in Respiratory Therapy) University: Symbiosis International University
  • DHHM (Diploma in Hospital and Health Management) University: Symbiosis International University
  • DMLS (Diploma in Medical Legal System): Currently pursuing University: Symbiosis International University

Professional Journey:

  • Managing Director: Ashraya Multispecialty Hospital
  • Affiliation: Ashraya Rehabilitation & Geriatric Care Centre

Key Skills:

  • Highly skilled in treating respiratory diseases such as Asthma, Allergy, and COPD.
  • Expertise in Sleep Disorders, Snoring, Pneumonia, and Chronic Cough.
  • Proficient in ICU Ventilator Management and Tracheotomy procedures.
  • Experience in Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Allergy Testing.
  • Competent in CPAP & BIPAP Management, Critical Care, and Emergency Medicine.


  • Trained in managing ventilator patients in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Pune.
  • Worked alongside renowned Pulmonologist Dr. Mohan K.T.
  • Extensive experience in prominent healthcare centers in Pune.
  • Known for expertise in Asthma, Allergy, COPD, and Lung Disease treatments.
  • Recognized for excellence in Sleep & Snoring diagnosis and treatment

Current Positions:

  • Managing Director: Ashraya Hospital
  • General Physician & Respiratory Practitioner: Ashraya Hospital

Additional Information:

  • Dr. Vishnukant Jadhav is recognized as one of the best General Physicians and Respiratory Practitioners in the field.
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