A pulmonologist is a medical practitioner or doctor who specializes in treating lung and chest diseases. Everything related to respiratory problems is treated by this specialist. However, not all respiratory problems need the attention of the pulmonologist. In case of a minor issue, a general practitioner can help in controlling the problem. However, chronic conditions like asthma, pneumonia, respiratory failure, etc. require the close attention of the pulmonologist. He/she analyzes the problem with the help of some tests to diagnose the problem and to chart out a treatment program.

Who can become a pulmonologist?

To become a pulmonologist in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and other places in Pune, a person has to complete Master’s Degree program in Pulmonology after completing the MBBS degree. The two years course gives theoretical and practical knowledge and training to recognize the symptoms and diagnose the problem. Apart from this, the doctor is trained to understand the nature of every lung problem and come up with the right treatment solution.

Nevertheless, the pulmonologist is not restricted to treating lung problems. The diseases or problems caused to the upper respiratory tract (nose, throat and pharynx), bronchial tubes, heart, etc. are also evaluated and treated by this specialist.

Even after the person is awarded the degree and starts practicing as a full time pulmonologist, he/she has to continue being a student by researching and learning about new trends and other medical news related to this field.

Diseases treated by a pulmonologist

pulmonologist treats chronic and severe conditions of the lungs. Some of the diseases treated by the lung specialist are:

  • Asthma is one of the common problems treated by the pulmonologist. The doctor analyzes the symptoms and tries to find the cause and decides on a treatment plan accordingly.
  • Tuberculosis, complicated chest infections, pleural diseases, emphysema, etc. are some of the diseases treated by the pulmonologists.
  • The lung specialists also treat several breathing and sleeping disorders. One of the breathing disorders treated by them includes sleep apnea.
  • Pulmonary hypertension, pulmonary embolism and problems caused due to respiratory diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are also treated by these specialists.
  • Another severe problem treated by the lung specialists is lung cancer.

Do pulmonologists perform surgeries?

Apart from prescribing medications and other therapies for lung and respiratory problems, the pulmonologists are also trained to perform surgeries as well as interventional tests to treat certain serious diseases. The pulmonologists who conduct such procedures are known as interventional pulmonologists. They use special equipment to take samples of the lungs and the chest problem for diagnosing a problem.

Bronchoschopy and thracoscopy are two procedures performed by the pulmonologists. In the former, a flexible endoscope is inserted into the windpipe through the mouth or nose of the patient, while thracoscopy is the biopsy of the lungs which is done by inserting a video camera. This method is also used for treating the fluids around the lungs.

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